5 Things to Ask When Looking for a New Landscaper

Fall is underway here in Chester County, PA! As the leaves start changing color and falling off the trees, it is time to think about some landscaping best practices- especially fall clean-ups! Fall clean-ups focus on leaf cleanup and removal, bush trimming and pruning, and lawn renovations.

Leaf Cleanup and Removal: removing all leaves and debris from your property. While fall leaves can be a beautiful sight of orange, red, yellow, etc., it is essential to clean up and remove all leaves from your property to keep a healthy landscape.

Neglecting this aspect of landscaping can lead to several issues:

  • Suffocating Your Lawn: A layer of leaves can smother your grass, restricting air and sunlight.
  • Pest and Disease Havens: Leaves can become breeding grounds for pests and diseases.
  • Unsightly Appearance: Accumulated leaves can make your landscaping look unkempt.

Bush Trimming and Pruning:
trimming of shrubs, ground cover, and ornamental trees for plant health and growth and cutting/removing dead or overgrown branches. Trimming and pruning bushes and shrubs in the fall is a strategic landscaping move.

Proper trimming and pruning offer several benefits:

  • Enhanced Appearance: Well-trimmed bushes and shrubs add to the visual appeal of your landscaping.
  • Healthier Growth: Pruning removes dead or overgrown branches, promoting healthier growth.
  • Safety and Accessibility: Trimming away branches that encroach on pathways or structures enhances safety and accessibility.

Bed cleanup and maintenance:
regular servicing for clean mulch beds. As fall and winter approach, the temperature fluctuates greatly. A layer of mulch helps insulate soil and acts as a buffer against these temperature fluctuations, which protects plant roots and other living matter in the soil. Additionally, fall mulching prevents weed growth, which helps keep your garden healthy for the upcoming growing season.