Here at Malvern Lawn Care, we work with property owners and managers to improve and preserve the landscape of their managed properties. We work year round to provide impeccable commercial landscaping services.

We understand that commercial landscape needs differ from that of residential ones, and we will work with you to develop the best plan possible for your commercial property.

Our team can take care of your commercial landscaping
needs such as: 
  • Weekly mowing – Consistent service of your lawn that will never let you down.
  • Spring cleanup – Getting the property ready for the spring season and cleaning out mulch beds.
  • Mulch installation – Over 10 choices of mulch to liven your landscape beds.
  • Snow removal – We will provide 24/7 snow and ice removal services at your commercial property.
  • Fall cleanup – All leaves and debris that have accumulated on your property will be cleaned up.
  • Leaf removal – Removing the leaves from your property.
  • Pruning- Professional trimming of shrubs, ground cover, and ornamental trees for plant health and growth.
  • Bed maintenance – Regular servicing for clean mulch beds.
  • Weed preventer – Pre-emergent and weed killer blends to eradicate weed issues.
  • Drainage solutions – Prevent soil damage or flooding. Solutions to move the water where we want it to go.
  • Grading – Rerouting water runoff for proper stormwater management.
  • Land clearing – Removing unwanted overgrowth to allow for lawn and landscape expansion.
  • Planting – All aspects of plant design, installation, and knowledge. Our staff is highly knowledgeable to get you the correct plant for your area.
  • Design and Install – 3D Design renderings for full hardscape and planting makeovers.
  • Flower installation – Planting annual flowers at the entrance ways 3 seasons of the year.
  • Lawn fertilizer – Our proven 6 application fertilizer program consists of balanced fertilizers, enriched with the proper amounts of slow and quick release nitrogen, potash and any key micronutrients formulated for the soil conditions in your area.
  • Shrub fertilizer – Fertilizer applications to all plants on the property that want to thrive in a healthy soil environment.

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